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Troubleshooting: Clean the cache

For a correct use of the course and to prevent the videos from blocking we suggest to ALWAYS clean the cache and to delete the temporary files BEFORE each access to the training course. Cleaning the cache and deleting temporary files can also be done during the course of the course if there are problems with the movies.

Here's how to do this cleaning (either before starting the course, or at a course already underway):

  1. if you have already logged in to the e-learning platform, you need to log out as a user.
  2. with any open window of the browswer used to do the course, click on the keyboard the following keys at the same time: CTRL + SHIFT + DEL (the first key is at the bottom left, the second key is immediately above the first, while del is at the top right). Choose ALL as the time interval to delete and flag: Clear browsing history, Delete cookies and other data, Clear the cache.
  3. if for different reasons the keyboard commands do not work, use the top menus of the browser:
    • For Microsoft Edge, go to OPTIONS, choose the SETTINGS tab and click on the "Delete browsing data" link >> DELETE to delete all current history.
    • For Safari enter OPTIONS, choose the PRIVACY tab and click on the link that allows you to delete all the current history (practically, you open the same window that opens with keyboard commands).
    • For Google Chrome, from the 'Customize and control' menu choose HISTORY, click on 'Clear browsing data'. It opens a window where you have to choose to delete the following items from ALL and flag: Clear browsing history, Delete cookies and other data, Clear the cache.
    • For Internet Explorer, enter INSTRUMENTS and then choose INTERNET OPTIONS. In the 'General' tab, look for the 'Browsing history' section and click on delete. The window that lets you choose what to delete appears. Choose to delete: Temporary files, Cookies and History.
  4. After doing this, close and reopen the browser, go back to the e-learning platform, enter your username and password and log back in to the course you are taking.

At this point, you should be able to watch the videos completely and without interruption.

If it detects a problem in the advancement of teaching, or fails to access the educational content in the established order, verify that all learning objects ALREADY are properly "flagged" with a green check, and that the progress of the specification session is complete (for example 23/23 and not 22/23).
To allow the progress of the course it is MANDATORY that all the previous objects are linked. If some didactic content is not linked, we need to start from the beginning, so that at the end of the fruition the green flag appears.

ATTENTION: If you want to review an educational object already seen previously and already connected, you must reverb it completely so as not to lose the acquired flag. In other words, if you want to review only a specific piece of videolessions, it is mandatory to review the entire video-lesson for the whole in order to be able to keep the complete execution of the object. If the content is not seen in full, the object loses the flag and makes it impossible to continue with the course.