The e-Learning Scorm™ platform of Mega Italia Media

This website allow you to take online courses related to safety in workplace, privacy, security, compliance, haccp, office computing, producted or reselled by Mega Italia Media.

If you want to use the e-Learning platform, and this is your first time, please consult the "Guide - How to Use".

This e-Learning platform is based on the learning content management system DynDevice produced by Mega Italia Media. All courses are accessible from any device with a web browser (computer PC/MAC, surface, tablet, smartphone o smart TV).

All courses on this web site have been realized in the international format for e-Learning SCORM™; this platform is certified SCORM™ 2004 3rd Edition.

Mega Italia Media has been operating in the multimedia training sector since 1988 and proposes a "List of on-line courses available" from thousands of Italian public and private companies.

The quality standards are as high as "The educational rigor of our courses".

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